AGE 210/220 – similar to Tippertie E 210/220, all other clips on request

European made top quality clips at an affordable price !!

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Knifes & Plates

Speco – Cutting Edge of the Meat Industry

Speco has been at the cutting edge of the meat and food processing industry since 1924, offering a comprehensive line of meat grinder/mincer knives and plates, bone collector systems, blade inserts, deboning and desinewing machine components, skinner tooth rollers and blades and emulsifier replacement parts. ANG is the official sole agent for Speco in Southern Africa. Speco and our  mission is simple – to help customers like you cut with exacting precision, increasing your efficiency as well as your profits.Parts for all major brands like Cozzini, Seydelmann, KS, K+G, Weiler, etc are available.

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Wood chips

We stock Raeuchergold wood chips and saw dust for any smoker.

Raeuchergold 750-2000